Season 2
Strike Back: Project Dawn
Episodes: 10
Original airdate: First Episode (US):
August 12, 2011
First Episode (UK):
August 21, 2011
Last Episode (US):
October 21, 2011
Last Episode (UK):
October 23, 2011

Strike Back: Project Dawn is the second season of the Strike Back series.


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Picture Title Number Season Number Director Writer Original Airdate U.S. viewers
Season 2 Episode 1 "Episode 1" 7 1 Daniel Percival Frank Spotnitz August 12, 2011 0.567
John Porter is kidnapped by Pakistani terrorist Latif, who is masterminding "Project Dawn". As Porter is one of only two westerners who can identify Latif, Section 20 head Colonel Eleanor Grant appoints Sergeant Michael Stonebridge to find the other; dishonorably discharged Delta Force operative Damien Scott, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Season 2 Episode 2 "Episode 2" 8 2 Daniel Percival Frank Spotnitz August 19, 2011 0.169
Scott and Stonebridge evade the terrorists and find Mahmood, who turns out to be a woman, Iman Zubedah. Zubedah reveals she knows the location of hidden weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that were to be planted in Iraq to vindicate the war. After Scott is recaptured and taken to the lobby with the other hostages, Zubedah is escorted out by the terrorist leader, assumed to be Latif (Scott earlier admits that he never actually saw him). Stonebridge rescues Zubedah and kills the leader. When the Indian military storm the hotel, Scott fails to stop the terrorists from dropping a bomb, but Stonebridge arrives in time to catch it. Zubedah is later brought to Pakistani intelligence officer Jamal Ashkani, who is revealed to be Latif; Zubedah is later found dead. After Scott is assigned to Section 20, he reveals to Stonebridge that Porter's code was directed at Scott; Porter no longer trusted Section 20, believing it is embroiled in a conspiracy involving Latif, the WMDs, his capture, and Scott's dishonorable discharge. Scott and Stonebdrige decide to investigate the possible corruption.
Season 2 Episode 3 "Episode 3" 9 3 Bill Eagles Frank Spotnitz August 26, 2011 0.255
Section 20 set up base in Cape Town, South Africa to track former Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) terrorist Daniel Connelly, who is believed to be associated with Latif. Connelly and his gang rob an armoured truck, and clone a hard drive belonging to Kenneth Bratton's weapons company ATAT, which contains information on chemical weapons. Porter previously rescued Bratton from Iraq in 2003. Connelly also has Bratton's family watched in order to get him to cooperate. The gang hires Buckley, an American hacker, to break into the hard drive. However, as Scott and Stonebridge chase him, Stonebridge is forced to kill him, forcing Scott to pose as Buckley and lead Section 20 to Connelly. When Scott meets the gang however, they capture him and send him to a farm where they strap a bomb to him. Stonebridge soon arrives at the farm, but as he is about to move in, the bomb detonates.
Season 2 Episode 4 "Episode 4" 10 4 Bill Eagles Frank Spotnitz September 9, 2011 0.212
It is revealed that Scott is alive; Connelly directed the bomb away from his body as a test to see if he would call for help. When he passes by not doing so, Scott is told he is to override the security system of Bratton's secure facility, with the help of the hard drive and Major Oliver Sinclair. Bratton calls Captain Kate Marshall for help in his family's protection. Kate learns that ATAT was under pressure to plant VX nerve gas in Iraq. During the meeting, the two are kidnapped by Connolly's men. Stonebridge tracks her to the facility Scott was sent to hack into. Connelly gains access to a package of VX before killing Bratton. Though Scott and Stonebridge capture Connelly and confiscate the VX, they find Kate rigged with a bomb. Connelly promises to disarm it if they let him go, however he goes back on the deal and escapes, while Kate dies in the ensuing explosion. Grant later follows Connelly to Mozambique to execute him, with Scott and Stonebridge watching.
Season 2 Episode 5 "Episode 5" 11 5 Alex Holmes Richard Zajdlic September 16, 2011 0.302
Section 20 capture Gerald Crawford, a former Royal Marine-turned-arms dealer with ties to Latif, before making a sale. However, Crawford reveals the weapons were supposed to be an exchange for his daughter, Doctor Claire Somersby, who was kidnapped by the Janjaweed (a tribe of armed rebels) from an aid hospital in Darfur, Sudan. Section 20 agrees to rescue her, so long Crawford provides information on Latif's whereabouts. When he and the team arrive in Khartoum, Scott learns from Maggie, a journalist he once slept with, that Crawford has accomplices who are following the exchange and will kill anybody in their way. During the exchange, they and Section 20 kill the Janjaweed members, but chieftain Tahir escapes with Claire again. Scott is shot in the spleen by Crawford's men before they too are killed. As Maggie and Sinclair take Scott to a hospital, Crawford, Stonebridge and Jacoub, Maggie's driver whose family was a casualty of the Janjaweed, decide to follow Claire.
Season 2 Episode 6 "Episode 6" 12 6 Alex Holmes Richard Zajdlic September 23, 2011
Season 2 Episode 7 "Episode 7" 13 7 Paul Wilmshurst Simon Burke September 30, 2011 0.270
Season 2 Episode 8 "Episode 8" 14 8 Paul Wilmshurst Simon Burke October 7, 2011 0.335
Season 2 Episode 9 "Episode 9" 15 9 Daniel Percival Tony Saint October 14, 2011 0.244
Season 2 Episode 10 "Episode 10" 16 10 Daniel Percival Tony Saint October 21, 2011 0.249